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What is KSCADE?

The KSCADE (K-12 Schools/College Alliance for Distance Education) network began in 1998, with the goal of providing participating schools with greater educational opportunities through the use of videoconferencing resources. Linking over 25 K-12 and higher education members, KSCADE forms a consortium within the greater Fox Valley region.  As a member of the consortium, schools have the capability to receive a wide variety of high school and college-level courses, but may also broadcast their unique or high demand courses to other schools in the Fox Valley and throughout the state.

Along with courses for high school students, KSCADE members participate in many other types of programming on the network including K-8 enrichment programs, courses and meetings for teachers and staff, and community focused events, such as EMT training, Master Gardener classes and degree coursework from member colleges.

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KSCADE Mission Statement:
The mission of the KSCADE (K-12 Schools/College Alliance for Distance Education) Consortium is to enhance learner access to available instructional resources among schools and colleges in east central Wisconsin through the development of cost-effective, interconnected telecommunication technology linkages.

KSCADE Vision Statement:
Within a unique regional educational partnership, KSCADE (K-12 Schools/College Alliance for Distance Education) advances a synergistic model for exploring new technologies in learning innovations coupled with a spirit of mutual concern for the diverse needs and resources of all consortium members. Together as leaders and pioneers, KSCADE seeks to connect our students, educators and communities with global knowledge resources by continuously expanding the variety of flexible learning opportunities to address ever-changing challenges of the future.
The goals of KSCADE are to make education more cost effective, to share educational resources and to ultimately prepare students more effectively for the workforce of the 21st century.

How do I find out more about KSCADE?
Students who wish to explore alternative programming choices offered over the KSCADE network should contact their high school guidance department for more information on specific course descriptions, prerequisite requirements and scheduling. Courses can be incorporated into each student's daily class schedule, with KSCADE courses running along a bell schedule that may be different from the high school hourly schedules.

KSCADE courses have included. . .

  • Japanese
  • Veterinary Science
  • Psychology
  • Intro to Criminal Justice
  • French
  • Global Marketing
  • Communicating with the Deaf
  • Business & Personal Law
  • AP US History
  • German
  • Calculus
  • Spanish 
  • Creative Writing
  • Credit Deficient Coursework

Other Opportunities. . .

  • FVTC courses for the community
  • NWTC courses for the community
  • UW-Oshkosh graduate courses
  • Other staff development activities

For more information on the KSCADE network, please contact your local high school principal or call the KSCADE network office at (920) 735-2507.

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